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  • Taboos
    "It’s got more to do with the way I interact with people and my lack of confidence. The things I do and the way I’ve learnt to interact with people are in a female way.” More…
  • Doing the mileage
    “Establishing my gay identity is an issue no matter whether I have a partner or not. It’s not that I feel like I need to establish it. I don’t make a concerted effort to tell people. Straight people don’t do that either." More…
  • Coming out as a father
    If I held onto my conservative and traditional beliefs about homosexuality, that placed me in a dilemma, that of loving my son but ignoring or rejecting his way of life. More…
  • Coming out from religion
    Not until I looked at my beliefs more objectively did I realize the extent to which my own religion had influenced me, including my unquestioned rejection of homosexuality. More…


Dene Rossouw

Dene Rossouw is an engagement specialist, narrative coach and photographer.

He is the Past President of the Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University. He is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and has the Associate Certificate in Workplace Conflict from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. He has a Bachelor of Theology from the University of South Africa. Dene is the Principal of

Dene has three sons and a stepson [Henk, Jared, Chad & Brennan] and is married to Deborah, a coach and speaker. In his spare time, Dene plays classical guitar instrumentals and is an avid photographer. See his web site at

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What I enjoyed about your presentation is that it went much more than skin deep. I was expecting some formularized method of teaching on how to present. I was delighted to discover that you wanted us to talk from our … Dene Rossouw