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A Complicated Love
An invitation to engage

Dene Rossouw

An invitation to engage

A Complicated Love - 4 Commitments What happens when a father hears that his son is gay and begins to confront his own demons about homosexuality? What happens when the father and the son go on a road trip, each with his own agenda, and they place an audio recorder on the dash of the van?

A Complicated Love is the result of those conversations - tense, tearful, painful and cathartic. It’s about the fears, taboos and judgments that the author had, as he was eventually compelled to come out on behalf of his son - authentically, from religion and as a parent.

A Complicated Love by Dene Rossouw Invite me to speak to your book club, church group or local library. My hope is that this keynote or presentation will invite real engagement with your son or daughter or a member of your family who is straight or gay.

"As a gay man who came out to my parents in the 1970s, I still find it moving to hear how this endlessly repeated experience still offers so many opportunities for renewed love and spiritual growth. My dad died 11 years ago very accepting and open of me, but we never had a talk like you and Jared did; I wish we had.
Thank you for your particular courage; the world needs so much more of that!"

The Rev. Stephen Atkinson
North Shore Unitarian Church
West Vancouver, BC

A Complicated Love

A Complicated Love - get the ebookKeynote, presentation or workshop
A Complicated Love - an invitation to engage can be configured as a 20-30 min or a 60-90 min keynote or presentation.

Best audiences
Business groups, PFLAG groups, Gay advocacy groups, GLBT Community Centers, Parent groups, Human rights groups, Colleges and Universities, Conferences, Churches, Parent-teacher associations, Bookstores, Social responsibility and ethics groups.

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